Lazarus Phenomenon in Medicolegal Perspective: A Case Report
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Lazarus Phenomenon
Forensic Medicine

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Güven A, Petridis G, Özkal Şeyda, Kalfoglu E. Lazarus Phenomenon in Medicolegal Perspective: A Case Report. The Bulletin of Legal Medicine. 2017;22(3):224-227. DOI:


Auto-resuscitation or with the common name Lazarus phenomenon is unassisted return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest. Lazarus phenomenon takes a little place in the medical literature. Doctors are reluctant to publish case reports because of apprehension of being sued due to medical malpractice. In the other hand Lazarus phenomenon is a rare and interesting topic for public media. In the forensic point of view, it’s important that if a Lazarus phenomenon is connected with medical negligence or not. All “Lasarus” case reports in the literature are informing that a time interval between declaration of death and noticing spontaneous circulation-inhalation from a few second to 33 minutes. Possibly there are no other example of 3 hours time interval between death declaration and noticing auto-resuscitation rather than in our case report.
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