• Halis Dokgöz Mersin University Faculty of Medicine Department of Forensic Medicine


Dear Forensic Scientists,

We are here with the first issue of The Bulletin of Legal Medicine in 2017. We thank you very much for your intense interest in our journal. As a result of 22 years of experience and process, we are continuing to pursue research, case presentation and compilation as well as proceeding with certain steps towards becoming a scientific platform for the forensic science field.

In the new issue of our journal, we believe you will read the clinical forensic applications, judicial document reviews and Dr. Fahri Ecevit’s biography in terms of history of forensic medicine with interest. We believe that the article which brings the universal trauma scoring system to the agenda and assessment of injuries in forensic medicine applications debate on the guide currently used is a horizon. It is a well-known fact that the case presentations are educational and published in our journal are also interesting. In the “disability” reporting system, the scoring system has become a necessity for establishing a scientific standard, revealing the trauma of individuals and ensuring justice.

The Bulletin of Legal Medicine has acquired the identity of an international journal published on time and scanned by Tübitak Ulakbim TR Index and many other international databases. In the meantime, we want to emphasize that we are applying to be indexed by DOAJ and SCI-Expanded and that the process is still ongoing. When you send your study to our journal, we ask you to upload your articles to the system in accordance with the journal writing rules.

We wish to raise the eligibility of our journal higher by being aware of the fact that being scientific is the only way to build up a future for forensic sciences...

Prof. Dr. Halis Dokgöz



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