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Dear Forensic Scientists,
As we promised you during the 15 th Forensic Sciences Congress which is a scientific meeting platform of the scientists working in the field of forensic sciences, we are grateful to present you the first volume of the Bulletin of Legal Medicine for 2018. We are presenting you a volume that should be archived including different fields of forensic sciences once again.
Sexual violence of children and women is one of the primary subjects of our country nowadays and it is sustaining to be aware of the fact that this issue was scientifically scrutinized in our journal for years and it was referenced for numerous studies and for the press as well, proving that we were on the correct path for all these years. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient scientific data showing the actual extent of the harassment of children and women in our country, which in return creates a problem to reveal this issue subjectively. As being one of the first countries signing the Convention on the Right of the Children, we should highlight the fact that, any individual who is under 18 years old is both medically and legally a child. Besides this, we should also raise our voices in a scientific way for all these children for any medical, legal and social sanction and implementation. The way of it is to share our knowledge and studies in this field in the Bulletin of Legal Medicine which is an internationally known journal that is scanned by Tubitak Ulakbim TR Index and international DOAJ databases (Directory of Open Access Journals). We would like to invite all scientists to direct their studies in these relevant fields to our journal.
We wish to raise the eligibility of our journal higher by being aware of the fact that being scientific is the only way to build up a future for forensic sciences, and we wish to continue to be a common platform sharing the latest studies in Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science areas...
Prof. Dr. Halis Dokgoz

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