We begin the second year of our publication. We have begun with “It is a hard task. You do not know what it is to publish a medical journal" kind of warnings. It has been a hard task, though. However, we shall still be in this hard but pleasant process. We should acknowledge you about the process of publication a little bit in this first issue of second year maybe. Editorial board evaluates every manuscript for its uniformity according to manuscript formatting, and whether they are in accordance with bioethical standards when it is submitted. We choose two members of the Advisory Board according to the field of study, and send the manuscripts without the authors’ identities. When the recommendations of the members are received, we direct them to the authors without any identity again. After the revisions in accordance with the recommendations are done, they are send to the members once more. Unfortunately, so many posting cause some delay in accepting a manuscript to be published. We hope that to work together will strengthen this Bulletin as a scientific publication

Published: Apr 1, 1997

Medicolegal Autopsy Cases in Sivas 1990-1995 Demography and Properties of Forensic Medical Experts

Apr 1, 1997
Ufuk Katkıcı

The Blood Carboxyhemoglobin Levels of Firemen Occupationally Exposed to Carbonmonoxide

Apr 1, 1997
Gülin Güvendik, Serap Gündüzer, Nuray Tümtürk

Tear Gas Ammunition and Gunshot Residues

Apr 1, 1997
Hüseyin Bülent Üner, Bülent Şam, Ömer Kurtaş, Cüneyt Atasoy, Cafer Uysal

A Study on DNA Fingerprinting Using Various Human Samples

Apr 1, 1997
Hikmet Ergin Dülger, Mehmet Tokdemir, B. Erbağ, Erol Ömer Atalay, Mehmet Ziya Doymaz

Mezuniyet oncesi Adli Tıp Eğitimi Almış Oğrencilere Yonelik Bir Anket Calışması

Apr 1, 1997
Serpil Salaçin, Necmi Çekin, Mehmet Hakan Özdemir, Şemsi Kalkan

Arhytmogenic Right Ventricular Displasia and Sudden Young Adult Deaths

Apr 1, 1997
Mete Korkut Gülmen, Serpil Salaçin, İlhan Tuncer

The Injuries Caused by Electrical Currents

Apr 1, 1997
Mustafa Ercüment Aksoy