Second year of our bulletin has been accomplished, though it is slightly delayed. I want to thank all my colleagues who have worked for publishing and distribution of the bulletin who have really worked hard rather than you could easily imagine. Prof.Dr. Oğuz Polat, who had worked as an assistant editor for 2 years, has wished to resign. I am grateful for his contribution. All colleagues once had the consensus of opinion that the Society of Forensic Medicine Specialists should publish a scientific journal. Nevertheless, the survival of a journal depends on the quality and quantity of articles, and reproductive work of both the advisory board members and the authors rather than technical work of publishing. I hope the number of colleagues who exert big effort will increase. Few number of articles, delayed answers of both the advisory board members and the authors all are the reasons for delayed publishing process. Your support will have the contributory effect on the improvement of professional identity and advancement of our junior colleagues, of which can never be denied. The advancement of this field will be put off for a long time if we do not maintain appropriate support. Our bulletin applies the rules of peer-viewed journals and this will lead to success. We look for your sustenance. Editor

Published: Dec 1, 1997

Spermatozoa Isolation and ABO H Group Typing with Proteinase K on Semen Contaminated Vaginal Material

Dec 1, 1997
Sema Demirçin Karagöz, Beyhan Ege

Physicians’ Legal Responsibility According to the High Council of Health

Dec 1, 1997
Ümit Naci Gündoğmuş, Yaşar Bilge, Özer Kendi, İsmail Hamit Hancı

Social Evaluation of Accused and Victims of Assault and Battery

Dec 1, 1997
Bora Büken, Yasemin Günay, İsmail Birincioğlu, Ufuk Katkıcı

The Effect of Clothing as an Intermediate Target on Dispersion of Shotgun Pattern on the Body

Dec 1, 1997
Hüseyin Bülent Üner, Bülent Şam, Ömer Kurtaş, Cüneyt Atasoy

A Study of the Concept of Juvenile Criminal Responsibility in Connection with a Specific Incident

Dec 1, 1997
Birgül Tüzün, İmdat Elmas, Cengiz Haluk İnce, Erdem Akkay