The Bulletin of Legal Medicine is now three years old. Although we could solve some of the problems of a young journal, we still have many problems. Our Bulletin is always published with delay due to economic, and communicative problems. We believe that authors and members of our Advisory Board will give atmost support for the Bulletin to persist. It is essential to publish a journal for scientific progress. We can exchange our experiences, and discussions on different fields of forensic sciences may bloom only with the help of a periodic journal. We thank all of our colleagues who share the responsibility of our Bulletin. You will read an article written by Joergen LORENTZEN and Per Are LOKKE, “Men’s violence against women : the need to take responsibility” in this issue. The authors claim that the violence which we see in public is largely rooted in the private sphere, and it is violence carried out in the private sphere which is transferred and extended into the public sphere. It is veiy important to create a discussion medium by publishing different opinions on the same topic. Our editorial board invited the authors to share their opinion with us, and we thank them for accepting our invitation. We hope that this article will be a seed for new opinions to be discussed. Editor

Published: Apr 1, 1998

Mens Violence Against Women the Need to Take Responsibility

Apr 1, 1998
Jørgen Lorentzen, Per Are Løkke

Rupture of the Thoracic Aorta due to Blunt Chest Trauma a Case Report

Apr 1, 1998
Gürcan Altun, Ahmet Yılmaz, Ali Derya Azmak