Dear colleagues,
Several questions such as how and in which frequency arise from a publishing process of a scientific journal. We worry whether we can create a certain amount of curiosity among our colleagues by publishing the Bulletin of Legal Medicine.
A scientific journal is an important tool to share scientific knowledge when it is published periodically. The dynamic and cummulative nature of scientific knowledge lead scientists to read these periodics. However, the research articles should have an effect to create curiosity and a willingness for further researches.
We can not expect a scientific media without curiosity. Thus, we hope to publish such researches that may improve our scientific knowledge in consistence with twentyfirst century, and draw your attention.
We know that science does not present an absolute truth. Nevertheless, the scientific knowledge that is cummulated in these journals w ill be the result of shared hypothesis to be discussed and met in a concensus, and all together we hope that they will have an effect for improvement of this field.
Şebnem Korur Fincancı

Published: Apr 1, 2001

The Length of Bones of Upper and Lower Extremities in Turkish Society Antropometrical Search

Apr 1, 2001
Yasemin Günay, Hilmi Özden, Gürsel Çetin

Use of the Glasgow Coma Scale for Decision of Life Threatening Injury in Cases of Intoxication

Apr 1, 2001
Rabiş Keskin, Coşkun Yorulmaz, Mehmet Sunay Yavuz, Mahmut Aşırdizer

The Medicolegal Evaluation of Burns

Apr 1, 2001
Yücel Arısoy, Erdem Özkara, Haluk Vayvada, İsmail Özgür Can, Cenk Demiröver, Ali Yemişçigil

Dissection of Lower and Upper Jaws Could They Be Efficiently Examined Without Isolation From the Corpse

Apr 1, 2001
Hüseyin Afşin, Cafer Uysal, Tansev Boran, Feryal Kahraman Afşin

The Use of Scanning Electron Microscope in Forensic Sciences

Apr 1, 2001
Bora Büken, Hüseyin Bülent Üner, Ümit Çetinkaya, Ahmet Sadi Çağdır, Şerife Bilge Kırangil