We are glad to be able to publish the new journal in the days of economic instability as well as deep concerns about the future of the medicine in Turkey. We are aware that at the point of planning the life, confronting with the emergence of hopelessness worries especially the young colleagues newly joining the scientific field. Naturally, we cannot preserve and nurture any component of the Forensic Sciences just by cutting its ties with life in a protective attitude. It is impossible to establish the structure of Forensic Medicine and Sciences free of the realities of the country, social movements or economic surprises. However, to express our studies at the national and international level, especially through our journal which succeeded to be published uninterrupted, will strengthen us. Within the context of adoption to the EU, the task of strengthening the basis of Forensic Medicine Education, the dreams of many of us for many years, is still carried on. Two years and even one year of postgraduate education have been too short in compare to the international standards. Self criticism gives us the strength to grab the future. Therefore it is our task to define the facts, evaluating the past with respect to current situation and determining the deficiencies and fight against them before assigning the fiels to new colleagues. Undoubtly the minimum postgraduate education period for forensic medicine should be four years. Not only the length of time but also the content of the curriculum should be adequate and qualified. Our young colleagues are smart and hopeful. It is our task to prepare the way for them and let them go on safely. It is our belief that we will create these opportunities together. Şebnem Korur Fincancı

Published: Aug 1, 2001

Diagnostic and Judicial Process Problems in Young Incest Cases Three Case Reports

Aug 1, 2001
Saniye Korkmaz, Serpil Erermiş, Müge Tamar, Cahide Aydın, Ayşe Kayahan

Medical Confidentiality in an Expertise

Aug 1, 2001
Ümit Naci Gündoğmuş