Dear Colleagues, We attended VII. Congress of Forensic Sciences in Konya, hosted by Selçuk University Medical Faculty, Department of Forensic Medicine. Both quantity, and quality of participants, researches, and presentations were profound, and sharing this great experience enriched our society. Multidisciplinary character of this congress was supported by several scientific activities, and a mock court with cross examination as well as a forensic anthropology course with international participation have been part of this satisfactory event. We indeed were in great sorrow, and mourning during this congress, because an excellent Professor, and a dear brother to all of us have been dead just before the congress. Every discussion, meeting, presentation beared his respectful memory, since we have learned how to be an academic, and a human being in this relationship. You are going to witness this personality when you read Assoc. Prof. Kriton Dinçmen’s and Prof. Sermet Koç’s letters in third issue. Sincerely, Şebnem Korur Fincancı, Prof. Dr.

Published: Aug 1, 2006

Psychological Evaluation Results in Patients Confronted with Sexual Abuse

Aug 1, 2006
Işık Karakaya, Ayşen Coşkun, Belma Ağaoğlu, Şahika Gülen Şişmanlar, Özlem Yıldız Öç, Nursu Çakın Memik, Ümit Biçer

Cardiac Death due to Cardiomyophaties in Forensic Autopsies

Aug 1, 2006
Ferah Karayel, Arzu Akçay Turan, Işıl Pakiş, Elif Ülker Akyıldız, Gökhan Ersoy, Eyüp Yılmaz

Comparison of Legal Reports Prepared According to Old and Recent Turkish Penalty Codes

Aug 1, 2006
Nursel Gamsız Bilgin, Halis Dokgöz, Hakan Kar

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epileptic Patient Case Report

Aug 1, 2006
Erdal Özer, Talat Yurtman, Celal Bütün

Primary Complex Suicide Combining Hanging and Burn a Case Report

Aug 1, 2006
Çağlar Özdemir, Harun Tuğcu, Haşim Asil, Hasan Din