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Published: Dec 1, 2007

Legal Responsibility of Clinicians Ethical Dilemma and Approach of Physicians From Various Specialties in Child Abuse Cases

Dec 1, 2007
Gonca Gül Çelik, Demet Meral, Ayşegül Yolga Tahiroğlu, Necmi Çekin, Ayşe Avcı

Evaluation of the Judicial Cases That Have Been Admitted to ondokuz Mayıs University Medical Faculty

Dec 1, 2007
Ahmet Turla, Berna Aydın

Evaluation of Lightning-Related Deaths

Dec 1, 2007
Rıza Yılmaz, Ragıp Erkut Bulut, Erdal Özer, Mustafa Balkay, Nazım Özdemir, Süleyman Serhat Gürpınar

Different Outcomes in Two Sexual Abuse Cases due to Different Interpretation of the Same Article

Dec 1, 2007
Sema Demirçin, Süleyman Melik Sarıkçıoğlu

Jumping From a Height a Dyadic Death

Dec 1, 2007
Kenan Karbeyaz, Tarık Gündüz, Yasemin Balcı

Drowning as a Method of Suicide Case Report

Dec 1, 2007
Çağlar Özdemir, Harun Tuğcu, Haşim Asil, Coşkun Yorulmaz

Underage Mothers

Dec 1, 2007
Nurşen Turan, Halis Dokgöz