Dear Forensic Scientists,
We are very pleased to present 3rd issue of 2015 of The Bulletin of Legal Medicine. As year of 2015, we have published last issue of our bulletin on time.
I want to share our happiness with you about admission of articles for evaluation from not only our country, but also abroad to our journal. Our other pride is determination of English articles, admitted to our journal, by our international advisory board. The Bulletin of Legal Medicine, being monitored by international scientific indexes, has gained an international journal quality, within a short time. The journal also perfected its online accession system by providing DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number, a character string that uniquely identifies a digital object, for each paper. Also, one of the most important problems scientific researches is "plagiarism", as related no longer articles are passed through the CrossCheck plagiarism scanning system before sending to the referees.
The PDF files of all issues of the Bulletin of Legal Medicine since 1996 as beginning of publication are open for free access to our website. We have changed design of cover and pages of our journal since 2015. Clearly, we were worried about this change as a traditional structure. However, positive feedbacks of criticism have further increased work determination.
Dear Forensic Scientists, We wish you to continue contributions to our journal. Not only publication of articles in our journal, but also we would like to remind you that you make contribution to a scientific platform by sharing your comments and submitting as letter to the editor.
We have a long way to go yet and need your support and contribution so much. Hope to meet you in higher quality issues.
Prof. Halis Dokgöz, MD.

Published: Dec 9, 2015

Iatrogenic Foreign Body in the Heart in Relation to Possible Malpractice and Its Consequences a Case Report

Dec 9, 2015
Karol Karnecki, Michał Kaliszan, Zbigniew Jankowski

The Role of Computer Technology in Detection of Forged Signatures Having Overlapping Features Case Report

Dec 9, 2015
İpek Esen Melez, Deniz Oğuzhan Melez, Muhammed Feyzi Şahin, Ahmet Selçuk Gürler, Lale Tırtıl

Suicide Attempt with Rodenticide Including Zinc Phosphide Case Report

Dec 9, 2015
İsa Yıldız, Sibel Akgül, Süreyya Özkan, Hacı Yusuf Güneş, Hakan Bayır, Taşkın Özdeş

Adolescent with Matricidal and Suicidal Thoughts a Case Report

Dec 9, 2015
Berna Polat, Veli Yıldırım, Fevziye Toros

A Drowning Case Including Mother and Her Own Children's Homicide Suicide

Dec 9, 2015
Kenan Karbeyaz, Harun Akkaya, Yasemin Balcı