Dear Forensic Scientists,

We are here with the last issue of the Bulletin of Forensic Medicine in 2018. May 2019 bring health, happiness and success to all colleagues working at the field forensics. We are happy and proud with the fact that, apart from being scanned by international indexes such as DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals); the Bulletin of Legal Medicine is currently the only forensic science journal among other fields in the country indexed within the scope of Tübitak Ulakbim TR Index once after the Council of Universities issued a condition according to the Application Requirements for Associate Professors of having an article published in a nationally reviewed journal indexed by ULAKBIM.

We are happy to share with you the studies from different disciplines within the scope of the forensic science in this new issue of our journal.

We would like to ask you to check carefully the journal writing rules while sending your articles to our journal. Besides the valuable studies on forensic science field, we believe that “Forensic Literature in the World and in Turkey” would influence us all and would fill an obvious gap.

Life continues to show us the importance of merit in the field of forensic sciences and how science is open to new horizons in the fields of literature and art.

We wish to raise the eligibility of our journal higher by being aware of the fact that being scientific is the only way to build up a future for forensic sciences, and we wish to continue to be a common platform sharing the latest studies in Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science areas...

Prof. Dr. Halis Dokgöz


Published: Dec 23, 2018

The Evaluation of Deterrence in University Students with Regards to Substance Use

Dec 23, 2018
Burcu Türk, Mustafa Fatih Yavuz

Deaths Among Homeless in Ankara

Dec 23, 2018
Murat Yağan, Uğur Koçak, Birol Demirel

Evaluation of Cases Belonging to Youths Autopsied in Muğla

Dec 23, 2018
Yasemin Balcı, Gülsüm Kadı, Melike Erbaş, Ümit Ünüvar Göçeoğlu

Risk Factors Predicting Juvenile Recidivism

Dec 23, 2018
Ayhan Erbay, Zeynep Gülüm

The Factors That Cause of Delays in Medicolegal Reporting Process

Dec 23, 2018
Ahmet Turla, Elif Sazak Uygul, Meltem Zekioğulları, Berna Aydın

An Evaluation of the Autopsy Cases of Carbon monoxide Poisoning in Trabzon Between 2009-2016

Dec 23, 2018
Hüseyin Çetin Ketenci, Hülya Karadeniz, Halil Boz, Nazım Ercüment Beyhun

Laser Tattoo (Tattooing) Removal with Responsibility of The Doctor: A Case Report

Dec 23, 2018
Ebru Yolaçan, Gülşah Dağ Oğlakcıoğlu, Gürol Cantürk

Decompression Sickness: A Rarely Encountered Case in Forensic Medicine Practice

Dec 23, 2018
Orhan Meral, Ahsen Kaya, Ekin Özgür Aktaş

A Case of Burn Related to Over-Heating of The Cell Phone Battery

Dec 23, 2018
Fatmagül Aslan, Hacer Yaşar Teke

First Forensic Case Report Related To Drone Accident: Case Series

Dec 23, 2018
Sıla Yazkan Hira, Taner Akar, Birol Demirel